Lockwood Homes

Lockwood Homes

The Communications Partnership

Lockwood Homes recognised the need for a comprehensive communication strategy that would unify its brand messaging across the country while empowering franchisees to tailor their campaigns to local audiences. To achieve this goal, we implemented a multi-faceted program that leveraged all major media channels, including broadcast TV, radio, web, social media, email, and printed materials. The program’s deliverables included all necessary content to execute the communication system while ensuring that the Lockwood Homes brand’s core values and messaging remained intact.

The communication production and support partnership extended beyond content creation to encompass training and conference facilitation for the nationwide network. By providing this additional support, Lockwood Homes ensured that its franchisees had the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively communicate the brand’s message to their local communities.

Alongside the main national brand campaign, several bespoke campaigns were conceived and developed from inception such as “Lockwood – our story”,  “Outside the Box – Architectural series” and “Experience Lockwood”.

Overall, Lockwood Homes’ communication strategy was a resounding success, enabling the company to maintain consistency across its brand while empowering franchisees to connect with their audiences on a local level.

National Brand Campaign

Lockwood’s solution to the building process is holistic. Their system is comprised of interrelated processes that synchronise to produce high-quality, high-performance homes. Lockwood’s unique and intricately engineered building system “locks” together timber components to create beautiful homes that are strong enough to withstand earthquakes and tropical cyclones, yet flexible enough to handle wide extremes in temperature.

Behind the Brand Series

A series of behind-the-brand videos were created using staff to help share the message of the Lockwood homes' history and production processes. It was designed to highlight the many decades of experience 'built-in" to their incredibly reliable building system and illustrate the quality and craftsmanship in the homes they produce.

These audio and video components were used in a variety of ways including as online promotion, social media content, broadcast television commercials and digital display screens in showhomes and trade shows.

Love what you live in - Experience Lockwood

The “Love what you live in – Experience Lockwood” campaign was a comprehensive marketing strategy that utilised an extensive amount of channels to promote the benefits of living in a Lockwood home. The campaign included broadcast television, radio, social media, online advertising, print ads, and collateral, as well as a custom website.

The content of the campaign was centred around real New Zealanders who shared their personal stories about why they loved living in their Lockwood home. The TV commercials were brief 15-second introductions to people living across the country, while longer online videos delved deeper into the various aspects of their lifestyle and the advantages of living in a Lockwood.

The campaign recognised that people needed to experience a Lockwood home firsthand to truly appreciate its unique building system. Therefore, the strategy aimed to drive foot traffic into local showhomes.

Overall, the “Love what you live in – Experience Lockwood” campaign was a well-executed marketing initiative that successfully showcased the benefits of living in a Lockwood home through the stories of real people.

Outside the Box - Architectural Design Series

Architect Michael O'Sullivan explains the Golden Sand Sedge concept design.

These audio and video components were used in a variety of ways including as online promotion, social media content, and digital display screens in showhomes and trade shows.

You can see the full set of videos and designs on the Lockwood Homes YouTube video channel. View the channel here

Behind the Scenes

We were lucky enough to be invited to stay and film with Michael in his unique home he built by hand in the hills about Lyttelton. Here are some picture from our personal time with Michael during the shoot

Conference and Training Facilitation

Along with production and marketing support, national training of the franchisee network was also part of the partnership  The design of days and sessions at national conferences and local events means that details behind the strategy of the communication and campaigns could be shared as well as creating an opportunity to gather direct feedback from the network.

These images are from an annual conference and show one of the sessions that used a Lego house-building competition to explain the element of the communications system in a new and interesting way. Watching this process of actual home builders taking on the task was an eye-opener in how people work when outside their comfort zone.  The exercise was designed to take the participants out of their day-to-day thinking and open their minds which assisted in the overall communications and training information they needed to absorb.