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Your website is the front door for the whole world to walk through, and sometimes we forget to do the housework.

We have worked in website development for the past 24 years and have learnt a lot from being part of the ever-evolving digital landscape. This experience has given us insight into what you need to do to get it right, and to ensure that you put your best digital footprint forward.

Trends has been synonymous with providing inspiration, ideas and information to the housing and commercial markets for over 40 years. During this time the company has been at the forefront of introducing new production technologies and new ways to reach audiences. First established as a print media company, Trends now offers an integrated approach across multiple channels including online, digital and social.

After thirty years Cuisine is still leading the way, although they are redefining themselves and working on ways to actively adjust to new realities in media consumption. Adjacent Communications assisted in a restructure and design creating a new space so browsers can immerse themselves in polished, aspirational and inspirational Cuisine content.

Nadene Lomu is a Real Estate Agent with a world of experience when it comes to negotiations at the highest level. Nadene’s values and work ethics are second to none and her commitment to delivering outstanding results is her focus. Nadene is confident she will leave her client’s with not only the results they desire but undisputedly an experience they will surely not forget when it comes to maximizing value as a RE/MAX real estate agent.

Owner Janene Gillon has been working in the window furnishing industry for over 25 years in a variety of roles, so she has hands-on experience on how to make Weathermaster products and install them.  But her passion has always been selling and helping her customers to achieve their window covering requirements by utilising the product functionality and features to best enhance their homes.

One of the fundamental goals at St Andrew’s has always been to provide a full continuum of care, where residents would have certainty that wherever their ageing and medical journey took them, that St Andrew’s would have the appropriate buildings, services and trained staff to look after them. As a charitable trust, this means that all funds are constantly reinvested back into the business to achieve that goal.

2 Be Bold - Angela Dalton

In 2010 she won the election to the Super City and started working as the Deputy Chair of the Manurewa Board. It was at this point that her career as a politician took off and today, she serves as Councillor of the Manurewa-Papakura Board. Angela feels very strongly about representing her electorate in the Super City. Angela says that apart from the fact that it’s her home, her community is humble, “doesn’t sweat the small stuff” and just gets on with things. Angela describes herself as kind, empathetic, pragmatic, and curious.

Adjacent Communications

Adjacent Communications is an independent agency that collaborates with top creative minds in various industries. Our client base throughout the world has been diverse, including manufacturers, retailers, entertainment, events, sports, media outlets, builders and developers, designers, government industries, charities, and health and well-being providers.

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