Audio Visual Presentations

"Designing a presentation without an audience in mind is like writing a love letter and addressing it ‘to whom it may concern.” – Ken Haemer

A great presentation can set you apart from your competitors. Whether it’s for sales teams, board meetings, investors, events or general reporting we can help make sure that it is your time to shine.

We can produce a range of presentations for large screen displays, static or moving requirements, Powerpoint and Keynote AV and kiosks to help convey your message.

Where should I use some great AV?

Most of us take for granted all the locations, places and spaces that we are exposed to audio and visual elements in our daily lives. But when you stop and think about it where and when was the last time something made you think or remember something in a new way? In this ever-changing and noisy world of stimulation of our senses finding the balance of stopping someone in their tracks, or perhaps suspending reality for a moment can be a fine art.

Here are some ideas of what and where you may require a tremendous audio-visual presentation to do just that

Image Based Slideshows, Template Designs, Sales Tools, Board Reports, Bespoke Graphics and Icons, Animation And Graphics, Data Visualisation, Large Scale Event Screens, Exhibition screens and so much more.


Slideshows are a great way to showcase a range of information through imagery, graphics and motion. These are a cost-effective ways to help bring life to spaces such as showrooms, trade shows, reception areas or in-house TV screens. They also bring another level of professionalism to your sales or training presentations. The use of music and narration can also create a greater level of engagement than a simple gallery can do on its own.

Large Scale Event Screens

Significant events can be a nightmare to get right. This example showcases the Audio Visual screen design for the foyer and inside the event. The presentation involved the coordination of 3 main screens interacting with image slideshows, pre-recorded interviews, footage from locations, audio stings, name titles and the live feed from the cameras on the night. There were over 476 audio and visual cues used by a team of 15 engineers to achieve the overall outcome for over 1200 guests in Auckland’s Spark Arena. Luckily, we know how to get it right on the night.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Trade shows and exhibitions are a complicated and costly expense for any business. It is important to create a fully immersive experience for visitors in a way that compliments the company as a whole. Your guest is virtually walking inside your brand and so you must take the opportunity to communicate with them rather than simply sell. With the right use of screens and speakers, exhibitors can bring to life their messaging in a cohesive way and help assist the staff on the ground by providing a “virtual staff member” to help tell the story.

Smeg and Baumatic appliances New Zealand

In this example of the 1000sq meter Smeg and Baumatic appliances stand the audio and visual help to guide guests through variety of spaces and places maximising the impact of their visit. Being the largest show stand in New Zealand meant the overall and individual comments need to work harmoniously in order to create an enjoyable and informative experience.

Special Moments

A presentation can bring emotion and elevate the environment for the people who are attending. At times like weddings, life commemorations, birthdays, and anniversaries having just a little something special can turn an event into an occasion. Our team have been adding these extra touches and helping bring presentations to come to life for people for over 30 years. It has been a privilege to help others experience and enjoy memories that can be replayed for years to come. One example here is for the late great Jonah Lomu, produced to commemorate his birthday for friends, whanau and the wider public.