The Pride Project

The Pride Project

The Pride Project is a community-led support initiative run out of The Pride Project community house in Clendon within Manurewa. It works to combat anti-social activity and support people with complex needs who are falling through the cracks.

Proudly, their Kaupapa of Hope Navigation has seen four people employed on their senior team who were previously long-term beneficiaries

They believe that having the opportunity to have pride in your place is empowering and even if everything else is overwhelming in a given moment, having control over the appearance of your whare is mana enhancing.

Our Brief

The agency has an ongoing commitment to support the incredible Mahi (work) being done by the entire team involved with The Pride Project. These include a video presentation to showcase the work undertaken during the initial COVID-19 lockdown periods that affected South Auckland.  The production of an awards evening presentation to celebrate organisations within the community who have also supported the efforts to empower the residents of Clendon and Manurewa. This was accompanied by event management services and lighting design for the event space itself and also included MC talent to help host and guide the running of the night. 

Covid Response Recognition Awards

The event was held to help the Manurewa Local Board celebrate all the incredible work that had been done in the community to help deal with the effects that the Covid 19 pandemic has created.

Master Of Ceremonies

Owner of Adjacent Communications Andrew Johnson had the pleasure of hosting the Covid Response awards ceremony. This included writing the script, presenting on the night, coordinating the announcements and guest speakers which included members of Auckland City Council.

Unite Against COVID-19 Video