The Fierce Fawn


The Fierce Fawn

Over the past 15+ years, Dr Madeleine has worked as a counsellor and psychologist. She specialises in childhood trauma. When she first learnt about ‘fawning’ as part of the survival response a light went on in her head. “I realised I was a complete fawn.” Growing up in an obscure religious cult she learnt how to be super subservient. For a lot of her life, she had been oblivious to this response that was literally programmed into her and has been spurred on by fear. She has always been quiet and shy, too scared to speak up and share any of her personal opinions, keeping her true self hidden for fear of abandonment and rejection. The online video programme is designed to help others find the courage to gain a strong sense of who they are and step into their power.

Our Brief

We were tasked with producing over 3 hours (192 minutes) of edited online video content to form the basis of the online programme dealing with the Fawn Response.  This required the production of the title animations, graphics, sound engineering, music, and all other post-production requirements. These ‘modules’ were designed to guide the patient/user through step by step in a series of activities and reflections.  These sessions were accompanied by workbooks and worksheets that could be completed as part of the programme.

Produced during New Zealand’s Covid 19 Lockdown period/s the series was recorded using video conference calls which were captured and edited into their final format. The structure is comprised of pieces recorded to the camera allowing Dr Madeine to speak directly to the viewer.

Audio from these recordings was also used to overlay a voice narration to guide viewers through online representations and graphics of their workbooks.  This creates a virtual one-on-one teaching environment that allows the viewer to play and pause the directions at their own leisure.  This will enable them to take a moment if needed to reflect on what they are learning throughout the process.

This also resulted in an accompanying set of audio files for podcasting and allowing listeners to take the learning with them while driving, exercising or taking a walk outside.

Our Results

Below are the public FAQ videos that are available on The Fierce Fawn website

Dr Madeleine Amie

Director - The Fierce Fawn

” I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew at Adjacent Communication in developing my online course content. Andrew went above and beyond to help me, providing his invaluable insight, advice, and experience.
The work he produced in editing and presenting my online content was efficient, timely and to a high standard. His attention to detail was impeccable. I can’t recommend Andrew enough and look forward to being able to work with him again in the future! “