Property Council New Zealand Awards Ceremony

Property Council New Zealand Awards Ceremony

For over a decade I had the responsibility of conceptualising, designing and coordinating the look and feel of the largest awards ceremony in New Zealand. The Property Council New Zealand Awards night grew throughout the years to eventually only being able to be hosted at Spark Arena due to the number of attendees; over 1300 in one year alone.

The services included the conceptual theme, graphics, animations, slideshows, script writing, technical cue sheets, pre-recorded footage, photography, interviews with winners and dignitaries, and audio soundscape design.

On the night we worked with an events technical and performance team of over 40 crew all having to seamlessly work in unison.  Not bad considering each event only had one technical run-through the night before due to venue access.

New Zealand's Largest Indoor Screen.

Making use of the space was key when it came to the unique challenges posed by using New Zealand’s largest indoor screen. Stretching a mammoth 30 Metres wide the integration of a connected image took months of careful planning to bring a cohesive presentation to life. Another great trick with the design was that the streetscape and skyline depictive across the base of the screen slowly came to life as day turned into the night throughout the awards evening; including office lights and twinkling stars. It even finished off the night by displaying virtual fireworks when the supreme winner was announced.