Five to Flow


Five to Flow

“Five to Flow is a powerful connection to our individuality and identity.”

Their logo represents the convergence of two ideas: the Māori koru symbol from the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand and Five Waves. The Māori koru symbol lives at the heart of their logo because it symbolises new life, growth, strength and peace. Its shape conveys the idea of perpetual movement, while the inner coil suggests returning to the point of origin. ​ The Five Waves converging at the centre of the koru demonstrate their framework for integrative organisational wellness and the alignment of this approach to the five core elements.

When the five core elements are in harmony, they create a frictionless environment where management and employees are more focused, engaged and fulfilled. ​ Just as water flows over terrain with effortless movement while maintaining power and beauty, their goal is to ensure that their customers achieve and sustain this level of flow.

These five core elements, while powerful on their own, require one thing above all else to work properly: integration. Harmony is crucial for success, and success will lead to sustainable growth.

Our Brief

The agency was commissioned to produce a 2.5-minute video showcasing the Five to Flow business success story during their two years of business operations. We wrote and produced the script, provided voice talent for the narration, recorded and post-produced the audio, and created custom graphic typography overlays along with all editing and post-production requirements.  The client is based in North America and needed to use this on a global stage. 

The end result was a video presentation for use around the world on their website, social media, presentations and conferences to celebrate the anniversary of their two years of success

It explains how over this time they have invested in their people’s personal and professional growth and the evolution through the years of the five core elements of Five to Flow.

It is designed to educate the viewer on their collective who is responsible for this progress including analytics and insights inside their key programme the Wellness Wave

It showcases the relationships they have built with their customers and partners who have joined and supported them on this journey of growth.

And this is only the beginning of the Five to Flow journey to change people’s personal and professional lives for the better.

Kate ViscontiFounder & CEO - Five to Flow

” We came to Andrew at Adjacent Communications looking for help with finalising a “celebration of our two years in business” video presentation for which we had built the core framework, utilising stock video and music.  We requested that he write a script to match our visual sequence and provide the narrated voice-over. Andrew was very consultative and collaborative, offering his perspective on how to improve the personal nature of the video. Consequently, he redesigned the project creating an end result that was way beyond our expectations and far more reflective of Five to Flow and our journey.

We were very thankful for his ideas, suggestions, and attention to detail in the work, which helped us create the story to celebrate an important milestone in our business. Although we are based in North America, it was easy to work with Adjacent Communications on the project throughout the process. We will now be able to share our story around the globe more effectively and efficiently. We look forward to working with Andrew and Adjacent Communications in the future and have already recommended Andrew to a partner in Australia. Thanks, Andrew and Adjacent Communications for being a collaborative partner.”

Our Results