Cuisine Website

Cuisine Website

After thirty years Cuisine is still leading the way by redefining themselves and working on ways to actively adjust to new realities in media consumption. They have created a new space online so browsers can immerse themselves in polished, aspirational and inspirational Cuisine content.

At their core, the focus remains “Our People, Our Stories, Our Food”, and a revitalised commitment to take the New Zealand food and drink story to the world. While continuing to provide original recipes that showcase New Zealand flavour, they have developed a new digital footprint for Cuisine and will keep championing excellence within the hospitality industry with the Cuisine Good Food Awards and the Cuisine Good Food Guide.

Our Brief

The agency was commissioned on a short-term contract to re-align the well-established Cuisine Magazine print brand and its online web space.  This allowed for cleaner and clearer structures to the content navigation for users while increasing the opportunities for advertisers and partners to be showcased alongside the appropriate content.

Along with overseeing and guiding the web upgrade and strategy, the agency worked to increase the income opportunities and match what the market is looking for in a boutique multi-platform media offering.  This included the creation of sales documentation, cost calculators, ad server structure and industry-standard advertising placement across the site.