Angela DaltonAuckland City Councillor


Angela DaltonAuckland City Councillor

In 2010 she won the election to the Super City and started working as the Deputy Chair of the Manurewa Board. It was at this point that her career as a politician really took off and today, she serves as Councillor of the Manurewa-Papakura Board.

One of the things Angela has since pursued is a law degree which she is completing part-time. “After leaving school so early, I felt I had missed out on academic opportunities, and I wanted to do something that would allow me to better execute my governance responsibilities. I’m really enjoying  the degree, the skills I’ve learned help me in debates and allow me to better understand other peoples’ political positions as well as Council’s risks and liabilities”

Our Brief

Angela needed digital content production, social media support and a new website to help share her message around her role as an Auckland City councillor, South Auckland resident, mum and grandmother.

We were tasked with creating a platform to help extend Angela’s messaging about her beliefs, community connections and what she represents.  Angela chose the name 2BeBold as a signal towards her ability to empower women and those less fortunate to stand up and be heard.

Our Results

This required a new website, photography and video applications. The website was designed to showcase the various elements of Angela’s work within her local community and wider responsibilities as an Auckland City Councillor for the Manurea-Papakura ward.

A new set of studio photographs were commissioned to capture Angela’s warm, open and professional image. You can view the archive of these weekly VLOG’s on Angela’s website by clicking the button below

View Vlog Videos

As part of an ongoing programme throughout the year, Adjacent Communications facilitated the production of a weekly video blog (Vlog) which was a week in review of the activities of Angela in her local community and the higher-level issues facing the Auckland City Council. These are designed to hear “Angela’s Angle” on the issues directly from her. We then edited the recordings and scheduled these for distribution on the website and through Angela’s Facebook Page.

Angela's Facebook Page