Claire kindly invited us round for tea and omelettes, as we sat down to record her episode in her home in Auckland New Zealand. Being friends with someone who is super busy and super talented means scheduling a podcast can sometimes be the only way to catch up.

After becoming one of New Zealand’s favourite “Temps” Waverley Wilson,  Claire’s career has expanded both locally and around the world. Read all about Claire’s extensive list of credits here.

Before her untimely on-screen death due to the high-impact forces caused by a party bus, Claire’s portrayal of Aurora on Outrageous Fortune left viewers in no doubt she was more than a one-trick pony. You can watch a short highlight reel of Claire’s outrageously good work here.

Staying “Grounded” when you are alone on stage and suddenly forget your lines was the case in more ways than one in this play. Read about Claire’s first one-woman show GROUNDED in this article from the Otago Daily Times.

Along with an incredible cast, Claire owned the stage in her performance of Nell Gwynn.  “The challenge with Gwynn is the star-power the role requires – she needs to appear as a breath of fresh air in the onstage scenes, and a force of wit and chumpah offstage. Chitham pulls both off with exuberance.” Nik Smyth, Theatre Scenes

Claire finally made it!  You can see her journey from Ferndale to Waverley and beyond, along with her real-life story and experiences, by following Claire on Instagram here



In the book Good For You, Claire tells her story about suffering from a chronic and incurable bowel condition while starring on national television and shares how she has learned to stay on top of her health and vitality ever since. Together, Claire and journalist Kylie Bailey share their combined knowledge on their GUT + CELLULAR health and offer up 76 different ways you can experiment, taste, trial and learn to grow a better relationship with your own health and vitality. Buy now