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15 signs of true intelligence


March 1, 2023In Mind2 Minutes

What makes someone intelligent? How do we know it when we see or experience it?

There is a lot of debate on how we measure this or experience it in our daily lives. Howard Gardners’ concept says that we each belong to one of eight ‘types’ of intelligence.  If you want to take a short and simple survey to see where you fit you can find out here.

Gardner’s theory has come under criticism from both psychologists and educators. These critics argue that Gardner’s definition of intelligence is too broad and that his eight different “intelligences” simply represent talents, personality traits, and abilities.

Despite this, the theory of multiple intelligences enjoys considerable popularity with educators. Many teachers utilize multiple intelligences in their teaching philosophies and work to integrate Gardner’s theory into the classroom


The most interesting theories that have evolved in modern psychology discuss the idea of “15 Signs of intelligence you can’t fake”.  Most of us would be lucky to have three or four of these. Do you know anyone who has all 15?

At Adjacent Communications we know a certain individual who does. And if you want to put them to the test and see if this claim is true, contact us here (link to communications/messaging centre)

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